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QwikCheck™ Semen Analysis Test Kits

QwikCheck™ Beads
is a quality control material for use in automated and manual sperm counting systems.   The beads are for in-vitro use only and can be used to assess the accuracy and precision of the laboratory's sperm counting methods by providing a known target value.


QwikCheckTM beads can be used with:


Visualization system (standard Slide)
Neubauer hemacytometers 

Makler counting chambers

Fixed cover slip chambers (like MicroCell)

 Item number: 0200

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Batch Release Documentation

  QwikCheck™ Liquefaction Kit
is a kit used to promote and accelerate the liquefaction of highly viscous semen samples.  Appropriate  for all automated or manual semen analysis, as viscosity can impact the accurate measurement of motility, concentration and antibody coating. 


Approved for all manual counting chambers

 Approved for the SQA-V / SPERMALITE™

Quickly liquefies stubborn semen samples

Single use vials are extremely simple to use

Increases accuracy of results

 Item number: 0900

Product Insert

  QwikCheck™ Dilution Kit
QwikCheckTM Dilution is a kit used to dilute semen samples prior to automated or manual testing.  The media is Earl’s Balanced Salt solution which contains ingredients to support sperm motility and viability. This product is recommended by the WHO Manual.


Approved for all manual counting chambers

 Approved for the SQA-V / SPERMALITE™
Solution is 100% sterile
Promotes motility and viability
Item number: 0800
Product Insert
  QwikCheck™ Test Strips
QwikCheckTM Test Strips is a kit used to determine pH and leukocytes (WBCs) in semen. Test results are determined by comparing the color of the test patches to the color chart provided by the label on the bottle. The test is for professional use only. 


Approved for manual semen sample analysis

Approved for SQA-V / Spermalite analysis

Accurately tests pH and WBC count in 2 min.

pH range: 5.0 – 8.5

WBC range; >1M/ml or <1M/ml

Item number: 0700

Product Insert

Batch Release Documentation