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Welcome to 75 Second Fully Automated Semen Analysis:

Medical Electronic Systems is a Los Angeles based technology company specializing in rapid, automated semen analysis for the human and the veterinary markets. The MES line of CE and FDA cleared Sperm Quality Analyzers, complimentary testing kits and disposable testing supplies are sold through an extensive network of international distributors. MES is ISO certified as a medical manufacturer and has distribution offices in America, Europe, Hong Kong and Israel...  PROFILE
Welcome to the SQA-V™ and V-Sperm™Gold
The SQA-V Gold™ and supporting V-Sperm Gold™ software is a user friendly high performance sperm analysis system used to test male fertility. It combines electro-optics, computer algorithms and video microscopy to provide a precise and accurate 75 second automated semen analysis... BROCHURE

Reported Parameters Include: Sperm Concentration (millions per ml), Sperm Motility (A+B+C) (percentage), Normal Morphology (percentage), Function Sperm Concentration, Velocity (microns per second), Total Progressive, Sperm Motility Index, and more.  All testing is performed according to the WHO Manual for Semen Analysis 5th, 4th, or 3rd Edition...  PARAMETER LIST


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Medical Electronic Systems SQA-V™ Gold Automated Semen Analyzer: US Placements International Distributors User Recommendations 

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